Welcome to SeasyClean Advanced Marine AC Technology

U.S. Patent Pending

Why Seasy Clean?

Tired of Cleaning Clogged AC Filters?


  • If constantly cleaning clogged AC Filters is not your idea of boater fun then SeasyClean was designed for you! Seasy Clean will allow weeks and even months of worry free AC cooling between maintenance cycles. 

Make Your Life Easier With Remote Installation


  • SeasyClean can easily be installed remotely for your convenience on engine room bulkheads or support columns, eliminating the need to constantly climb down in the bilges to keep cleaning out your raw water AC strainer.

Aeration against Algae and Barnacles


  • SeasyClean's unique Patent Pending design allows a constant aeration of incoming raw water that combats the growth of harmful algae and barnacles that can clog your AC system forcing costly flush out repairs.

Increased Sea Water Cooling Volume


  • SeasyClean units help maximize your raw water cooling capacity, stays cleaner longer, and keeps up in even the harshest marine environments.

Easy Cooling System Access and Maintenance


  • SeasyClean was designed for ultimate convenience during operation and maintenance. Each unit is equipped with a quick access port, enabling fast, spill-free barnacle solution flush outs.


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